Crystals Gift to the Planet

You Crystals are much more sensitive to energies than most of the other aura color personalities. So when people become more stressed and fearful than usual, it can really affect you. You can feel fearful – and not always understand why.

One of the best ways for you to cope with this intense energy is to spend more time than usual in quiet reflection and meditation. It’s important for you to stay calm and centered. Other people can frantically rush through life, meeting deadlines, multi-tasking, and more. But you’re not at your best when you try to live that way, when you try to keep up with that fast pace. The best actions for you are to be quiet, keep it simple, focus, breathe, and keep things in perspective. Remember what’s important to you Crystals – your deep connection to spirit.

Because you are healers, your greatest gifts to the world are to:

1) Keep your energy calm – don’t buy into the drama, fear and panic

2) Pray with optimism and keep positive visions, send loving thoughts and healing energy to others around the world. (That does make a difference, it works – whether or not science has discovered that yet!)

3) Connect with your deeper, quieter, inner voice daily so you “remember” and KNOW that we are all in good hands; that we are growing, changing, and evolving for the good of all life (labor pains can be challenging - but a new life is ahead)

4) Hold the energy of “trust” and “faith” for all of us – especially when others lose their faith

Your greatest strengths are your clear & quiet healing energy, and your deep spiritual connection. If you lose your connection with that greater “Source” - you will lose your balance and lose your way like others are doing. 

While other aura colors need to play big, to have a louder voice, to take strong action and be in front of the masses as leaders and champions, you’re at your best when you are quiet – meditating on good things for humanity, sending out prayers of love, peace, and harmony. Your work is very important – to quietly balance out and calm down the intense, fast-paced, and panicked energy that is occurring on the planet. Trust you’re making a difference. 

And this is good information for others too - even if they're not Crystals. You can teach them through your calm connection and trust in Source.  


  1. In some ways, I love being crystal, but sometimes, it's really hard. I'm afraid of people. I can't initiate a conversation with the girls in my grade. The first friend I made there talked to me while I was silent and didn't give up. She's a yellow. I think our auras attract because they are so different and that's why we are such good friends.

  2. I can imagine how challenging it can be to be a Crystal. I know you Crystals are also so awesome - spiritual, sensitive, kind, intelligent, creative - I hope you find a way to live your best life with that amazing color! How fun that your first friend is a Yellow. Yellows and Crystals actually can have a lot in common some times - both are sensitive, creative, healers, shy (some Yellows are shy) and nice. Anyway, I hope you love your life - and always look for the positive and the blessings in your life! If you are a Crystal, you've chosen it for a reason. I trust your soul knows what it's doing! In-joy! Pam