What the words mean for "animals"

The words you used to describe animals are - your belief about how
people see you. How you think they perceive you. So did you have some
interesting adjectives? And if you said "furry" - is that about your
hair? Thanks for playing. I hope you had fun and found it interesting.
IF you want two more, I can share those with you when I return from
Santa Cruz. Let me know. Have a fun Labor Day weekend! Smiles, Pam


  1. when did your quiz i got 12 lavender 7 indigo and 7 crytals does that mean i have a full lavender aura or i have more than one layer

  2. Hi Dwighty - it most likely means you have one or two other layers, but it's hard to tell from a blog post. I have yet to see a full Lavender - but there's always a first time. Maybe trust your intuition about how it feels to you. Thanks for taking the quiz. I hope you get to learn about those colors and that the info is helpful to you!

  3. thanks for clarifying it my me and my intuition tells me i maybe have more than one layer

  4. That makes sense Dwighty. Most people do have more than one layer. I hope you find out what they are! In-joy!

  5. i can see how i'm a lavender because most of the time i tend to daydream alot and it relaxes me, and with indigo i usually more likely want to feel how people are on the inside what type of person they really are and with crystal sometime i react like other people around me but i feels uncomfortable at times in i can relate to the results i received and thanks again

  6. Thank you Dwighty. I hope you find a way to live in peace, harmony and joy with those colors! That's so interesting. In-joy!! Smiles, Pam