Rick Stack on Pam's Radio Show!!

I'm really excited about Sept 28, Wednesday's radio show guest - Rick
Stack "Seth, Spiritual Illumination & the Art of Creating Your
Reality." The show is 5 - 6 PM Pacific/ 8 PM ET. You can join us via http://www.auracolors.com/en/radio-show.html
or 1290 AM radio in Santa Barbara. The Seth material is my FAVORITE
info of all times - so I'm very excited to hear what Rick has to
share. He actually was involved in the Seth sessions with Jane Roberts
and Robert Butts - so I'm sure he has some awesome stories and
advanced information. The show will also be archived on my website too
- so you can listen later at any time.

He is offering an "Online Seth Intensive Course" beginning October 5,
2011. And Seth Conferences: New York City, Sat Nov 12, 2011, Los
Angeles, Jan 21, 2012

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