Are You in a Relationship with a Tan?

What can you expect if you are in a relationship with a Tan? The good
news is that you will probably be assured of a long-lasting, committed
relationship. When Tans make promises, they usually keep them. They
are the aura color who will stay in marriages & jobs their entire
lives. They work hard to earn a reliable income so they can have a
secure home environment, not to mention a healthy pension & retirement
plan, which will enable you both to live comfortably for the rest of
your lives.

Most Tans believe it takes years of dedicated work to get ahead, so
they are typically conservative with money. They are not risk takers
or gamblers; they prefer safe, sensible, long-term investments.
Arguments over finances can be common if Tans' partners are lavish or
irresponsible spenders.

Tans do have a tendency to live in their heads. They usually see no
need to share their thoughts or emotions with others. It can be
challenging to know if they are happy, sad, or angry, since they tend
to keep things buried deep inside. It may feel at times that they are
taking a partner for granted because they are not demonstrative or
expressive. Nor do they usually know how to a handle a partner who is
overly emotional. They dislike drama in their lives and definitely do
not enjoy discussing relationship issues.

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