Violets with Indigos

Violets are able to relate to the Indigos' beliefs & higher principles
so they have the potential of being a very compatible couple. Violets
can see the future that Indigos intuitively feel is coming. These two
are good partners provided the Violet does not become overpowering or
dictatorial - that can cause power struggles and strain their
relationship. Indigos will not be dominated, controlled, or
manipulated by anyone. Problems can also arise when the Indigo prefers
to quietly connect with a few intimate friends, bonding soul-to-soul
with each, if the Violet is in the mood to perform & be the center of
attention. The charismatic Violets are often surrounded by crowds of

Because both Violets & Indigos search for truth & higher
consciousness, & both want peace, compassion, & spiritual
enlightenment on the planet, they can work together toward these
common goals. If both stay centered & accept & support each other,
they can create a highly spiritual & visionary team. Both are curious
about other cultures, enjoy traveling, & have great compassion for
people everywhere. What they sense & see as higher truth can broaden
the horizons of many people.

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