Tans & Greens in Relationship

Tans with Greens: These two personalities are potentially compatible
in relationship because both are intellectual and share many of the
same interests. They enjoy discussing ideas rationally and logically —
although Tans typically process information more slowly than Greens,
which can cause Greens to become frustrated and impatient.

These two often experience conflict over money. Greens want to make a
lot of money quickly; they are gamblers and risk takers. Tans believe
they have to work a long time for money. They are more cautious and
want to build a stable foundation. Greens tend to dominate in this
relationship. When Tans feel overpowered, they often withdraw in self-
defense. This cuts off communication between them and further
irritates the Greens, who want to be heard and respected.

If these two can perceive their differences as assets rather than
problems, then they can work well together. Tans can take care of the
details, so the Greens are free to develop ideas, plan, organize, and
strategize. Greens may appreciate the Tans' stability, or they may
become impatient with them. Tans may be frustrated by the Greens' rash
and impetuous behavior, or they can respect the Greens' willingness to
take action on their ideas.

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