Blues & Tans in Relationship

Blues and Tans in Relationship: This is a common union. Because Blues
desire a monogamous, committed relationship, they are often drawn to
the Tans' stability and reliability. If both are looking for a
traditional marriage, in which the Blues love and nurture their Tan
providers, then this relationship can work. The two Tans that are the
most compatible with Blues are Sensitive Tans and Abstract Tans. They
tend to be a touch more emotional than the other two Tans.

With Tans, the Blues have the comfort and satisfaction of knowing they
have stable, reliable, and committed mates. Tans know they have loyal,
loving, and devoted partners. Commitment and security are the rewards
for this couple. Since both fill different roles in the relationship,
both must realize that each sees the world differently, processes
feelings differently, and has different priorities.

Unfortunately, what typically develops in this relationship is a
communication problem. Blues communicate from the heart — they want to
bond emotionally with their mates. Tans, on the other hand, process
intellectually; they prefer to analyze a situation and come up with a
rational solution while keeping their emotions and thoughts to
themselves in the process. This can frustrate Blues, who feel isolated
from the deepest part of their mates. Tans do not intellectually
understand the Blues' emotional unpredictability and constant need to
discuss the relationship. Often Tans can eventually become too
emotionally unfulfilling for a Blue. If the Blue partner can become
more emotionally secure, and the Tan partner can become more
emotionally available and communicative, then these two can have a
long, fulfilling relationship.

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