Four Different Types of Tan

Tans: These practical and down-to-earth personalities value long-term commitment. They need partners they can count on to be logical, devoted, and reliable. They prefer mates who can be content with and even appreciate a basic and secure lifestyle – not those who need extravagance or an outrageous and adventurous life. Tans usually are the ones who faithfully stay in marriages and jobs their entire lives. They work steadily and earn a reliable income so they can have a secure home environment, a healthy pension, and safe retirement plan. This way they can provide for their family and live comfortably for the rest of their lives. Tans are not risk takers or gamblers; they prefer partners who will share in a safe, sensible, and long-term committed partnership. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4wbXctCS-Y

Again, if you want to know your aura colors, you can go to www.LoveColors.com or www.AuraColors.com and quickly take the Aura Colors quiz.


  1. How common are violet-tans? According to the Love Colors test, I have Violet, Abstract Tan & Sensitive Tan. I really resonate with the descriptions, but they are so different. I feel like I could easily be at war with myself. (Should I try to save the world, or save for my retirement?) On the other hand, maybe the colors balance each other. I would love to hear your thoughts.

  2. HI Kathryne, This is a great question. I have seen Violet/Tans before - not that many of them - but I have seen them. I haven't seen everyone on the planet, so there could be a lot of them. Can you get ahold of Life Colors (my book) to read about how to get those two colors to get along - so you feel balanced and not at war with yourself? Gary Zukav was just on my radio show. He is a Violet/Tan. And Clint Eastwood is an Environmental Tan/Violet. Both have found ways to do their work and stay grounded. I know it's possible! Every combination has their potential inner conflicts. But they also can add balance to a person's life too. So I hope you can find my book and read more. That's one of the reasons I wrote it!! Have fun life adventures! Smiles, Pam