Holiday Gift Ideas for Greens

If you're searching for a great gift for a Green - they are goal-oriented, intelligent, and usually organized. They value wealth, accomplishing, and learning. A Green will appreciate expensive jewelry; fine clothing; organizational items for their business; a nice brief case, subscription to Money Magazine or Entrepreneur Magazine; anything that challenges their brain & intelligence or helps them learn – some like Suduko or Crossword puzzle books; expensive dinner out; a 5-star hotel for the weekend; items for the home – expensive pieces of art or furniture (although they'd usually prefer to pick it out themselves or have their interior decorator choose it); a car or a house or an expensive vacation; and don't ever let them know you bought their gift on sale.


  1. Thank you Pam! These are great ideas. I especially like the 5-star hotel idea...I'm going to look into that. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season. xo, Mary

  2. Thank you Mary! How kind of you to take the time to leave a comment. I hope you have fun holidays! And I hope you find a great 5 -Star hotel!! I'd love to do that myself! Smiles, Pam