The days are already longer!!!

Has anyone else noticed that the days have already gotten longer - that it's lighter at both ends of the day? IF you have storms, you probably can't tell because of cloud cover. But it's been sunny and clear in Santa Barbara, CA - and it's staying light longer already. Normally, the shortest day of the year is Dec 21, so it's not until Dec 22 that the days start getting longer. But I've noticed over the past 2 weeks, that it has already started being lighter longer. It used to be dark at 5 PM (and this was after the time changed to "fall back.") But now it's still light here until about 5:20. Has anyone else noticed that? That must mean the earth is doing something different than it did years ago - when the days got shorter until Winter Soltice (12/21) and then started getting longer. Any ideas what's happening??

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