What "state" do you find yourself in?

If you want to experience the things Hawaii has to offer - gentle tropical breezes, warm water, white sand beaches - you would go to the State of Hawaii. If you want to experience the things that New York City has to offer - Broadway shows, great restaurants, busy and active city life - you would go to the State of New York. So if you want to experience what love has to offer - you go to the "State" of Love. If you were in the "State" of love, you could experience warm feelings, a generous heart, the ability and willingness to see the good in others, and more. So if you put yourself in that "state" - you can have those feelings and experiences. And you don't even have to travel to get into that state - just having a warm and open heart can put you in that "state." For that matter - you could "put" yourself in any "state" you wanted - and you'd have the feelings associated with that "state." Sending you this from the state of relaxation and joy. Have a great week!

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