LoveColors.com - Coming Soon!!

Our new LoveColors.com is coming soon! So I'm finally sharing the secret. We're creating an exciting new matchmaking site based on the aura color personalities!!

Have you ever felt drawn to someone you've just met ....and felt uncomfortable with someone else? You're feeling their aura or energy field. We each have different colors in our aura that reveal our personality. Some aura colors are compatible, and some are not.

At LoveColors.com, our goal is to help you find your most compatible life partner - the one whose aura colors, personality, priorities, and lifestyle are compatible with yours.

Here's how the site will work:
  • There will be an aura colors questionnaire to help you discover your own aura colors.
  • I have created videos discussing every color so you can learn more about yourself and the different people on the site.
  • There will also be a basic profile questionnaire, which includes your preferences and your ideal list of qualities you'd like in a life partner.
  • There is a compatibility chart - so you can see which colors are the most compatible with yours, and which colors may cause you challenges.
  • We will send you pictures & profiles of people who are compatible with you - OR you can select which colors you like and browse the members who have those colors.
  • Once you find someone you like, you can see what their life colors are and then watch the videos on those colors to learn more about them before you start communicating with them. You can watch the videos at any time to see which aura color personalities excite you.
  • There will also be videos with guidance and advice from me to help you discover and maintain a healthy relationship

The site is designed to help you understand yourself and the people you are attracted to - so you can ultimately create a long-term, successful relationship.

Once the site goes live, the first members to join will receive months of free membership, so make sure you check in often for the latest news. You can follow the updates here on my blog or on Facebook!

Check out www.LoveColors.com We're very excited about this project. Share this with your friends so they can get on the email or Facebook list and receive announcements when we are going live with the site. We all know people who are having trouble finding their special love. We'd love to have you and your wonderful, special friends on LoveColors. We want people to have their dreams come true and to be with the love of their life. Also, please send us feedback and ideas! We'd love to hear from you.

I am so excited that LoveColors.com is coming soon!


  1. AnonymousJune 04, 2010

    and i see you have a nifty facebook page at http;//facebook.com/lovecolorsaura too !

  2. AnonymousJuly 14, 2010

    that would be http://facebook.com/lovecolorsaura