Living Forever?

Scientists are claiming they now have the bio technology to stop the aging process and believe they will soon have the technology to reverse the aging process. (Watch the Science Channel sometime. It's fascinating what is happening these days that most people are not aware of.) 

Since everything is energy - and baffled scientists are now saying that our DNA is actually programmed for life, not death - I think by shifting our consciousness and beliefs about who we are, we should be able to live forever in happy, healthy, ageless bodies. I know it sounds crazy - and there will be the matter of supporting ourselves if we live forever, but if our consciousness can be that advanced, we will probably also create a way to sustain ourselves without working forever. It's going to be interesting to see how we evolve. It's all fun to think about. Hey, they didn't believe we could fly or go into outer space, etc - so imagine what is still possible that we don't know about yet.

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