Mass Dreams of the Future

Dr. Chet Snow will be on my radio show on Wednesday, April 7. He's written a fascinating book "Mass Dreams of the Future" - which features people's visions of the future while under hypnosis - future life progression rather than past life regression.  The visions are amazing. http://www.chetsnow.com/

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  1. My vision for the future is, unless some madman unleashes a world destroying nuclear holocaust, for women to be pressed into service as world leaders, because men simply cannot deal with international disagreements without allowing the situation to deteriorate and wars then ensue.

    Women are more highly evolved than men and are highly skilled in diplomacy. They are in demand as managers at all levels because they can lead with finesse.

    The very survival of the world depends on populations waking up to the fact that men may be good at engineering or business or invention, they simply cannot get past the barbaric use of violence.