Valentine's Gift Ideas for the Aura Colors

Here are some gift ideas for your special someone for Valentine's Day:

If your sweetheart has a Magenta aura - they like anything quirky, artistic, outrageous, shocking, or bizarre. So give them some quirky or bizarre artwork, sculptures, jewelry; items for their creative expression – paint, clay, strange items you find at a second hand store; out-of-print or foreign movies; unusual music; tickets to fringe artistic events or museums, rings or jewelry for their piercings, outrageous clothes, hats, or socks.


If your sweetheart has a Red aura - Reds are either very physical, down to earth, and hard-working; or sensual and pampered

For the Red who prefers to be pampered, find lingerie, expensive jewelry, massage or spa day, luxury items like a nice car, weekend at a nice hotel, or a lavish dinner.

For the strong Red, get him or her tools, workout or exercise items (weights, exercise machines, bikes), sports equipment, tickets to sporting events, football, motorcycle, camping trip, fishing pole, (Or when all else fails – beer and sex)


If your sweetheart is an Orange, they like danger, risk-taking, excitement, and adrenaline rushes, so take them on an exciting adventure – an African safari, Alaska wilderness trek, rock-climbing, sky-diving, riding in a jet; or buy equipment for their exploits – scuba diving, racing, hang-gliding, or extreme sports.


Yellows are fun, playful, and child-like; or creative; or active, healthy, and physical.

So great gifts for your Valentine can be funny movies, computer games, gadgets, cell phones; or sports – bikes, tennis, baseball, etc; yoga mats or clothes, anything for outdoors – hiking, tents, camping; anything for their dogs; or creative items like – paint, writing notebooks, dance, music, musical instruments (drums, etc.); a puppy, or take them to an amusement park to play and have fun.


Blues need romance and love. They are nurturing, emotional, spiritual, and really value relationships, so make sure you do something special for them. Otherwise they'll be hurt. Even something simple from the heart like a romantic movie, a simple heart-felt locket, or a romantic dinner. You can even buy your Blue spiritual books, music or tickets to a spiritual event, an engagement ring or a ring with their children's birthstones.


Violets are visionaries, passionate, creative, global humanitarians, and communicators. They love music, travel, photography, art, spirituality and beauty so great gifts for them would be anything related to those topics.

You could buy them - a trip to another country, a travel book, inspirational book, music; musical instrument, singing lessons, a camera or photography equipment; inspirational biographies about their heroes; spiritual books or events; clothes; beautiful items for their environment - gorgeous art or furniture for the home or garden, meditation CDs or meditation retreats.  Depending on how globally concerned your Violet is you could even consider making a donation to their favorite charity – but make sure you take them to dinner too. They do need to feel important.


Indigos are spiritual, honest, psychic, and they connect with animals or children. Indigos don't always value physical items. They are more philosophical, spiritual, and soulful so spending quality time with your Valentine is a great gift.

You could make donations to their favorite charities; or buy them items for their creativity; meditation items or meditation retreats. They often enjoy the latest technology – so consider computers or cell phones; give them time with animals or children; or get books, artwork or music.


Lavenders enjoy magical, fantasy, sensitive, quiet, and child-like activities and items. So they may be pleased with chimes, crystals, fanciful art, dolls, anything related to fairies and angels, children's storybooks or fantasy movies, pretty flowing clothes, trips to magical places or gardens.


Crystals enjoy quiet, meditation, and the healing worlds. They typically prefer a quiet evening at home. If you're going to buy something, consider the healing arts, crystals, beautiful music, spiritual books, prayer items, alters, pretty items for their homes, flowers or plants, time at a healing center or spiritual center; taking them to a quiet retreat or a cottage by the sea.


Greens are strong-willed, goal-oriented, intelligent, and usually organized. They value wealth and learning.  Your Green sweetheart will appreciate expensive jewelry (if you can afford it); fine clothing or items for the home – expensive pieces of art or furniture (although they'd prefer to pick it out themselves or have their interior decorator choose it); organizational items for their business; brief case, subscription to Money Magazine or Entrepreneur Magazine; anything that challenges their brain and intelligence or helps them learn – some like Suduko or Crossword puzzle book; expensive dinner out; nice 5-star hotel for the weekend; car or house or expensive vacation; and don't ever let them know you bought their gift on sale.

Tans are practical, logical, and security conscious. So you don't need to be extravagant for Valentine's Day – just thoughtful. They will even accept and appreciate simple or practical, useful items for personal use, the home, or their car.

A good book; a lounge chair; home-cooked meal or a nice dinner out; items for the car - GPS, tires, or hand-wash their car; fix things around the house; don't over-do the ties – they may have enough and too much is a waste.


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  1. Blue... means Lucario ! An Aura user too.