Attn: Pamala Oslie

Hi Pam,

I'm just writing to thank you for - everything! First of all, I want to
thank you for your work in your sessions with my friends and family.
It's so 'light'ening to know that the people close to me are aware of
you now, and that they've had time with you, that I don't feel the need
to worry about them anymore. There's a great peace there, thank you.

Also, I need to thank you for the private session I had with you on
April 1st 2009. After 30 years of interacting with the world; teachers,
doctors, nurses, priests, animals, family, friends, colleagues, team
members and even an excellent psychologists that I had a lot of success
with - I have never felt so understood - so heard by anybody. You
amplified things that I wasn't hearing clearly and articulated things
that I couldn't express. I wonder if you can actually fathom how that
feels to somebody? You leaned into my soul with gentle hands and took
out the orphaned fragments that we sometimes neglect, and gave them a
home in my consciousness. During that hour, my enitre being had a voice.

Many people have a dream that they might sing. I sing for a living, and
I can tell you that when your soul sings as mine did during and after
your session, the feeling and effects make music seem like a mild
pleasantary in comparison.

When I visit your website to download your radio show, I think that
there are probably some people having the same experience today. That's
a great feeling to have and I can't think of a better way to help heal
the planet and our collective consciousness. I'm very surprised you're
not a violet. I suppose you don't need any. You're already doing the
work that a violet would strive for.

On the subject of your radio show, I also have to say - and I'm speaking
for some friends and family here too - that what you're doing is *so*
important for the world. Unique among many of the spiritual teachers at
the moment, you offer such an array of congruent viewpoints and tools
that I think there is no-one that you can't reach. The archive you are
actively maintaining is a *gold-mine*, thank you so much for that. I
hope you know that your listeners, readers and clients surf on the wave
of positivity, integrity, strength and sincerity that is encoded in the
very timbre of your voice. I have learned so much from you. Not only
from the topics you've covered directly, but also how you respond (or
don't as the case may be) to unscheduled influences, whether from a
caller or in the studio. They were exceptionally rare but they too were
lessons I was desperate to learn and I continued to listen in disbelief
to your show as all my questions were being answered.

I met with a distraught woman recently who believes her husband is
cheating on her. She arrived at my place with her son. I had nothing to
say really, but I played a very recent episode of your show where a
caller was staying in a troubled relationships for the 'sake' of the
children. Your advice soothed my friends doubts before my eyes. She
knows what she needs to do now and you gave her the strength to do it.
The uncertainty, self-doubt and paranoia that all the lies, deciet and
blame created were recognized for what they are. She knew this already
deep down of course, but you were the difference between the sustained
turmoil that was, and the difficult but beautiful growth of this womans
self-esteem that is. To see that inner revolution in a woman in her
fifties in inspiring. Incidentally, that was the *only* podcast of yours
I had on my home computer at the time!

Life Colors still continues to delight me as I see guest after guest at
my home laugh from their hearts at the recognition you give them. It has
helped me not only understand myself and others, but reach an acceptance
and peace of many people and situations in my life. I was happy to hear
from a Belgian friend that it's available in Dutch, her native language.

Anyway Pam, this isn't my usual style. But the language I'm using on
this occassion is completely inspired by my gratitude and love for the
presence of you, your work and the consequences that come. Thank you,
thank you, thank you.



  1. Can you answer my question?
    this was written in my blog originally.
    I recently took the aura test on Pamela Oslie's site, which is reletevely acurate. But my aura has the same numerical scores in these categories: Lavender, magenta, indigo, violet, green, enviromental tan, and logical tan. As some may know a few of these really clash with the others and there was no falsehoods on my account. I answered all the questions truthfully and ended up with a scores of 10 in these categories. It makes some sense but yet not a lot. Sense: I feel as though I'm constantly at war with myself, I'm being pulled in five different directions. Not sensible: I understand the situation but I'm wrapped up protectively while the storm rages around and the wind nor the rain touch me...
    I think I could possibly be a combination kind of person (if that has ever been heard of before). Or perhaps I am indigo turning into crystal, b/c recently all I want to do is sit outside at night stargazing away from people, and even then I'm at war b/c I'm a performer (opera) and I want to be where the people are... Can someone answer this please?

  2. HI Kaelin, I'm sorry you're going through such an inner battle. I can see how that would make your aura test scores so confusing. I can't really tell what your actual colors are through email or blogs, but I can tell you if you are a performer (especially opera) you are most likely a Violet. What your other life color is I can't tell. I'm guessing though that you learned the tans - that they are not your true self. It's common for Violets to think they should be tan. If you ever want to have a private session, I will do my best to sense your true colors. I'm almost positive that you are a Violet. It also sounds very Violet to want to set out and stare at the stars.

    I hope that your inner storms eventually quiet down and you find inner peace. Best wishes to you,