Thank you!

My heartfelt and joyful appreciation to all of you who attended my workshop on Sunday! And thanks also to all of you who sent such loving thoughts and energy ahead of time. You're all amazing. It was an incredible day. The place was packed, actually over-flowing, with wonderful, eager, open-minded and playful people. I had fun with all of you. It's so great to see how willing you all were to go on "adventures" that day. I hope something made an impression on you - hopefully something that helps or inspires you. I know my life was changed by all the energy and enthusiasm.

Because I had SO many requests, I did make a recording of the workshop.  It's being produced right now - and we'll make it available for sale as soon as we can. 

Again, thank you for coming out to play. And for those of you who wanted to come but live too far away - the CD set will be here soon.

Happy weekend to you. Actually happy life to you!


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