Spiritual Service and Money

I've had many people ask how to integrate their spiritual service with financial abundance. Many people feel guilty charging much (if anything) for something they consider their spiritual service to others. 

Here is my response:
Allowing people to give back to you for your services is an energy exchange. I see people as empowered and abundant so they can afford to exchange energy (in the form of money) with me. Otherwise, they feel "looked down upon" or "less than" - not able to afford to be as powerful or abundant. Not expecting people to be prosperous is demeaning to them - it often reinforces their feelings of inferiority.

Allow them to give back to you so they can feel empowered and therefore heal any issues they might have - especially issues around money or prosperity. Spirituality doesn't mean poverty and sacrifice. The Universe (or Spirit or whatever name for Source you choose to use) is abundant and powerful. 

If you burn out and exhaust yourself helping people - you won't be able to continue to help them.

It helps people more if you see them as abundant and powerful, not as limited, weak, and impoverished. They will respond to you (and life) with more energy, integrity, and generosity. I think we'd all prefer to be seen in our full glory - not as defective and pitiful.

Have fun!


  1. I love what you said here Pam!!! I struggle sometimes with charging people. It may too be an issue of me feeling like my services are not valuable. I've been doing way too much for free (and telling people I'm doing it for free because I'm practicing). What you said allows me to shift my perspective. Thank you!

  2. Thank you for taking the time to share this with others. What you've said here will probably help others who have the same issue about receiving and seeing their work as valuable. I hope your shift allows you to experience full abundance - and to be joyful about it! That way you can inspire others to live their fullness too. Thank you again for sharing. Smiles - Pam