When does the soul "enter" the body?

I've had someone ask me at what point the soul enters the body – at conception or at birth. Well that's an interesting question.

Remember, anything I share with you is based on my own beliefs and therefore my own experiences. I always encourage people to sense for themselves what is true for them.  (And sense what YOU feel the "truth" is – don't necessarily base your beliefs on what others have told you the "truth" is. The "truth" always seems to change with new information and new "knowledge.")

1) I had an experience years ago where I saw a child's soul "standing" outside a client's body.  I later discovered that the client was pregnant – so that explained the little soul being there. But the woman wasn't planning on keeping the baby - she was going to have an abortion - which seemed to explain why the soul wasn't "inside" the fetus, inside the woman's womb. Apparently the soul knew he wasn't going to be staying so he hadn't bothered to "enter" into the womb. (Souls are wiser than we give them credit for – even our own soul, right?)

I encourage people to trust that their souls know what they're doing, even if the personality or ego doesn't think it knows.

2) Now this next explanation might appear to be a little more complex – but it's what I now understand.

Our souls are not little ghost-like things that are trapped in our bodies that get released upon death – although it feels that way, and we hear stories of near-death experiences where people experience leaving their bodies.

The way I understand the soul – is that we are a much larger consciousness than we have believed. The soul is non-local, which means it can be anywhere and everywhere simultaneously. Remember God is omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent – and we were created in the image of God. (Omnipresent means all presence, present everywhere – the ability to be present in every place, at any time, and in every time; it's unbounded, universal presence.) But that's for another discussion.

Anyway, our consciousness CREATES the body and then focuses its attention on it. The soul is not confined to the body.  (Quantum physics is telling us that we are not made of "matter" – that we're energy and consciousness. So what exists to be "inside of?")

Let's use the analogy of a live television show. The people on the show appear to be inside your TV set, but they're not – not really. They're free, beyond the TV set. A signal of the show is beamed or transmitted into the TV set. But none of us believe that those people live inside the TV, right? (Even though it could look that way – especially to someone who has never experienced a TV before.)

Now the people are there – on our TV screen – we can see them. They are real people. But the actual "real" people are at that moment on a production set somewhere else – somewhere outside of your TV set. Your soul is "outside" of your receiving station or body – but also projecting itself as your body.

So the question of when a soul enters the body is kind of a moot question. The soul doesn't really "enter" the body – it creates the body, it is the body, it is also beyond the body and it chooses to focus or "project" its attention there. The soul can shift its focus and attention anywhere it wants at any time. (Of course, we haven't been taught that so we think we are limited and trapped "inside" our bodies.) The soul or consciousness is beyond the body and it projects itself as a body – simultaneously. So when a soul "leaves" the body – it's merely shifting its attention or its focus somewhere else. It'll create and project itself somewhere else – as something else.  

Have I thoroughly confused you now – or was that a simple explanation? Isn't life fun? Just doing what I can to expand your consciousness and shake up your traditional, or trained "thinking."







  1. Yipee! I'm free. I'm really free. Yeah, that totally makes, especially the non local part. Now can a few more million people get on board please? Thanks.

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