Developing Your Intuitive & Psychic Abilities

I get many emails from people asking how I can help them develop their own psychic and Intuitive abilities, or how they can learn to see auras. 

These are things you can do:

1) You can get my "Develop Your Intuitive & Psychic Abilities" DVD on my website. It has explanations and exercises to help you practice and strengthen your abilities. Get a group of your friends together and enjoy the class together.

2) You can read about the different aura colors in my book Life Colors and practice sensing what other people's aura colors are. I even have a section in the book teaching people how to see auras. 

3) You can listen to the various radio shows in the archives on my website.  You can even practice tuning into the different callers to see if you can pick up their aura colors - I usually tell them on the air - or see if you can sense anything else about them. It's a good way to practice reading people you don't know.

There are so many interesting people interviewed on my show as well. Hearing them speak, and learning that there is scientific evidence to support that these abilities are real and natural, could help you move past any personal doubts or fears - or beyond any skepticism you hear from others around you.

4) If you ever want a private session or private tutoring, I'm available. (It's challenging to know specifically where to tell you to go next with your abilities without actually tuning into you and finding out personally what your soul wants in this lifetime. I don't really tune into someone through letters or emails - I don't pick up your energy well enough to be thorough and in-depth and do a good job.)

5) There are usually many "psychic development" classes offered by people around the world. You could attend some of those to learn more and have the opportunity to practice with others. Just please make sure you feel that the instructors are authentic and trustworthy, and that you feel comfortable with them.

If anyone has other suggestions or stories to share about their own experiences, feel free to add your stories and comments on my blog.

Have fun! These are natural abilities - we all have them. More and more people are realizing they have these abilities and developing them. The consciousness seems to be headed in that direction. So relax and trust your inner voice, your intuition. It can be fun. No reason to fear something so natural. 

Pamala Oslie
Author of Life Colors, Love Colors,
& Make Your Dreams Come True

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