The Santa Barbara Fire

I've received SO many thoughtful emails from people concerned about my home's proximity to the fire in Montecito/Santa Barbara. Thank you for your concern and your well wishes. Yes, I did evacuate - the fire was very close. I was only in the "Evacuation Warning" area - but only one street away from the "Mandatory Evacuation" area. There was so much smoke, ash, intense heat, and helicopters continuously flying over my house (thank goodness for them) that I decided it would be better if I went somewhere else - somewhere where I could breathe and sleep. It's nice that those fire-fighting helicopters can fly at night now - and they sure can fly low. I felt like I was in some sort of movie - the type of movie I would never ordinarily go to. I'm very grateful that I had the choice to go somewhere wonderful.

A friend very generously offered her beach house to me - so I stayed there for the past three days. My friend and her husband had a houseful of evacuees with them at their other home, so I won the jackpot by getting to use their beach house. (Thank you Peggy! You're amazing!) Staying at their beach house was on my list of things I wanted to do - interesting way to manifest that one, huh? It was wonderful there - peaceful and smoke-free (until the smoke from the Los Angeles fires found its way up to the beach house.) Oh well, I consider myself lucky to have had the luxury. The smoke eventually cleared. (Ah, the power of strong intention. I wasn't going to tolerate smoke following me around like that. I had just left that "party.") 

Some of my friends lost their homes in this fire, many of my friends' homes came close but were spared. I feel blessed to have a home to come home to - smoke-filled but still standing. My heart goes out to all the people who have lost their homes, and to those who have gone through the ordeal of having to evacuate. It's quite an adventure. I've been one of the fortunate ones. I hope (know) that good comes from all of it - for everyone touched in any way by the experience. I know how resilient people can be.

Thank you again for all the prayers and good visions you sent my way. And thanks for envisioning some rain for these areas! Wouldn't it be fun to create some "magic"?




  1. Sweet! Thanks for sharing. Insight mixed with humor and optimism. Glad you're safe.

  2. i hope you've been able to get the smoke out of your home and be surrounded by beauty again.

  3. Just a little note to let you know that my daughter lives in southern California too!! Everytime I know there are fires over there I send lots of angels and white light to keep you all safe. Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks, Audra Dinino

  4. Thank you everyone for your warm wishes, concern, and positive energy. I appreciate you thinking of us here in Santa Barbara. Non-smokey now smiles, Pam

  5. 2012....I always wondered if that is when we are going to be entering the "Indigo Age"...seems to parallel the timing of what Pamala predicted in "Life Colors" about entering the Indigo era about a decade into the new century. On election night I remembered reading in Life Colors about how we are now "fully embracing" the Violet age. If Obama's election isn't a reflection of that, I don't know what is. Question is, what year do you think we'll have our first Indigo President?

    Pamala's descriptions are so dead accurate. Found the book about 12 years ago on a friend's bookshelf and then bought the revised addition about four. Refer to the book all the time. The system is so accurate.

    Washington, DC