Thank you New York!

I want to thank all of you who helped to create Spring-like weather while I was in New York City! I see that I had a window of great weather while I was there - and now that I'm back in Santa Barbara, it's cold, raining, and snowing in NY again. How fun is that?! And I do believe that we can and do influence the weather. Anyway, I appreciate all the visions of good weather, the supportive emails, and the flowers I received from you! And thank you to all of you who showed up at the book signing event. Everyone I met in the city was so incredibly wonderful, polite, and helpful. You people rock!!!


  1. Hey Pam! We are still digging out, I think you took the beautiful weather with you back to CA. Hope you are having a good week! Liz (and the boys :)

  2. Hi, I just got your new book "Love Colors" and really enjoyed reading it. I am a Lavender and had to laugh at how closely your book pegged me! Thanks for writing this wonderful book!

  3. Thanks to both of you - Liz and Waterfall! I'm glad you're done with the snow LIz.

    And I'm glad you realize you are a Lavender, Waterfall. Sounds like a great Lavender user name. I hope you can keep laughing. Life is funny....sometimes, anyway, huh?